Help me find my superpower
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People of Metafilter who run long distances in funny outfits! People of Metafilter who like inventing alcohol themed superheroes! Help me come up with a costume and superhero identity for the SoCal Ragnar Relay.

My team (made mostly of hashers) is coming out to run the relay as Super Booze Heroes. Capes are a must. My longest leg is 8.3 miles, so the the costume can't be too bulky or warm. I can wear masks, face paint, or headbands. I would like the costume to be funny. I am a woman, so I can't go shirtless. Beyond that the requirements are pretty freeform. Too freeform. Help!
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I would definitely see if you can pin the cape to you, if you really must wear one, for the comfort and safety of basically everyone running around you.
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How about the rum runner, with a prohibition-inspired costume?
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I take it Captain Morgan is already spoken for?

How about The Pink Lady? Dress all in pink.

The Singapore Sling? Vaguely asian with a slingshot as a weapon.

The Silkstocking? something something nylons something.
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Doctor Manhattan: red/brown outfit, papier-mache cherry hat.
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Also, someone on your team should totally run as Thurston Howell III, with a tiki drink in hand!
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Or, run as Lucille Ball crushing grapes.
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Sorry, never mind, I appear to have gone in the wrong direction. never mind me.
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Some sock options: vino, beer, vodka, whiskey, tequila.
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Sailor Moonshine
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Sloe Gin Fizz: leaves and berries and bubble wrap (for the fizzy part). You may also want to bring a seltzer bottle to use as your superweapon. Bonus points if you come in last (for the "sloe" part). There's also this, which realization I'll leave up to you (probably using a lot of orange would do the trick). I'm assuming that there won't be kids at this. Don't do anything based on a Black and Tan unless you want a lecture on Irish history.
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Oh... My sister-in-law showed up in an awesome DuffGirl costume for a Halloween party. Memail me if you'd like me to ask her about passing along a pic and/or other info on how she made it.

Just don't sneak into people's rooms and draw moustaches on them with Sharpies while they're asleep if you go this route... Please?
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The Zombie?

I suppose you want to win, so you can't shuffle and moan your whole leg - but you can run with your arms forward the whole way in your apricot/papaya coloured ragged clothes, with your tattered pineapple-coloured cape trailing behind you, wearing an umbrella hat painted to look like a cocktail umbrella, and a chopstick speared with some fake fruit slices affixed underneath.Make sure you have some grenadine "blood" stains too.
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Last week I found out there is a drink called the "Dirty Shirley." It's about what you figure it is. So you could go as a skanky Shirley Temple, or one that rolled in dirt or something.
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Bloody Mary of course!
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I have always wanted to run a race in costume but have never been in a situation where I could do so. living vicariously through brainstorming:

[super] bum wine: dress as a hobo/wine bottle (tie on a cylindrical cork hat?), and wear a foam bum. Powers include: Super cheap!

[super] red stripe: red sash with your superhero name on it. bottlecap-esque hat optional. Powers include: yelling "hooray beer!"

jungle juice jogger: tiger mask (facepaint will melt all over you!), green leafy headband, wear red (or some kind of bulbous red top with the kool-aid guy face on it), possibly make a juice-box style straw with straps that you can sling on your back? Powers include: super sweet, super mysterious flavor!

[super] six pack: obtain something like this. and possibly foam muscles. or one of those puffy upper-body-plus-arms costumes that make you look jacked. somehow relate this to beer. Powers: beer!

Pina colada: pinapple-looking headpiece, all yellow, lei, coconut bra over sports bra/t shirt. powers include: I really want one right now!

Cosmo girl: all pink, feather boa, girly things, vodka? Probably wouldn't be a good idea to try running with a plastic dog cone on but that might look sorta like a martini glass!

Other thoughts: four loko, jack daniel's, southern comfort, natty ice, a margarita.

costume ideas that are probably prohibitively bulky: super box wine (run while wearing large box; decorate accordingly), keg party (obtain and wear one of these; decorate accordingly)
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Absinthe: The Green Fairy?
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