Cheap, bulk mens underwear in synthetic fabrics. For cycling. Aesthetics less-than-crucial.
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Cheap men's synthetic underwear: nylon/spandex/polyester/etc. Would like approx 12 pair for bicycling. Flexible on style/aesthetics. Priority: inexpensive.

Need synthetic drawers for dryness/moisture wicking properties. Need a dozen of them because I cycle a lot and hate to do laundry. Not finding the price point I'm wanting; would ideally like to get them sub-$5USD/ea. Willing to sacrifice stylishness/aesthetics for price.

Need not be cycling-specific. Slight preference is for long-ish boxer-briefs, but will also accept briefs, or somewhat snug boxers. Color is not terribly important, but if it's all the same, I like "plain". 6'1", 180lbs; average build (size: med/larg). Many thanks for your tips.
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Forgive the derail, but how far are you biking? If over ~15-20 mi (depending on your physiology/tolerance), what's your take on actual cycling shorts? I know you said you hate doing laundry, but you can soak them in the sink with a little laundry detergent. If you're going from just biking shorts to shorts+underwear, chafing may be an issue.

Obviously, disregard if you can't change at your destination (i.e., if you're commuting) or if you're only biking a short distance.
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I like Jockey "GO Stretch Classic" boxer briefs.
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Good synthetic underwear made from a fabric that's not just cheap poly but actually breathes and wicks is not doable within your budget unless you shop sales and closeout stores/websites. Those kind typically run $30 new at REI, so you might find some on sale at, but looking at their selection, you're still talking minimum $15/pair for the good stuff. Less than that and you're probably not going to get the performance you want out of them.
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A few years back I got a good deal at Performance Bike on Andiamo sports briefs. They work really well for commuting, but they are sheer tighty whiteys. The lack of chafing is worth it; I'm not proud.

I don't think Performance carries them anymore, but maybe you can find more deals online. I'd search, but I rather not be looking at underwear models while I'm at work.
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Wickers are awesome and last for years and years. Cheapest is $15.50 though. How bad do you hate to do laundry?
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The Jockeys are cotton.

I have 3 pairs of Layer 8 boxer briefs that I wear under shorts to keep my inner thighs from rubbing & chafing while biking 12 miles each way to work and for hiking. They're at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, so size & availability will be hit & miss.

I also have a pair of Target's C9 poly/lycra boxer briefs for $10/pair. That's an "online" price. I paid $15 last week for what I think were the exact same ones in a store.

I have a couple of Under Armour "base layer" shorts, but they are much $more. The thin ones work about the same. The thick, compression ones, work better. They are a lot more than $10 or 15, but they're still cheaper than $50 or $60 for bike shorts ($28 @ Amazon).

The boxer briefs are thinner than bike shorts and they're polyester instead of nylon which wicks fine, but might not slide the same. I ride a recumbent with no "horn" of a seat between my legs. I'm just trying to keep my legs from rubbing against each other. On an upright bike's seat, you might have trouble with the horn pressing on the seam of outer shorts and the friction-reduction of the slick undershorts not being enough. Also, when I wear cotton shorts over the synthetics, I don't get swamp ass, but (in hot weather) I do get swamp-lower-abdomen. The base layer wicks water away from the skin, but then there's cotton to soak it all up & keep it close & yucky.

If you're in Delaware, Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia or West Virginia you might try Rugged Wearhouse (I think it used to be Rugged Wear Outlet). My dad got lightweight wicking nylon t-shirts there for $2 or 3 that I was paying $12 for at Target.

Lastly, don't be afraid of laundry- like supercres said, wash them in the sink. If you hang 'em, they'll be dry in short order.
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Google Players Nylon underwear. They're nice, and inexpensive.
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