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Looking for a very specific dragon picture book I cannot recall; of the sort where species are listed like a field guide. Details inside.

There's a plethora of dragon books like this, and I can't buy them all to check; but I have an extremely vivid memory of one that had a tiny pollen-eating butterflyish dragon which I'd like to track down.

Two things I am pretty sure about it (though they are probably generic and unhelpful) is that it was written like a travelogue rather than a field guide, with double page spread illustrations of dragons in the scenery and text overlayed rather than like a journal.

There were little bubbles that would show the relative size of the critter in question. The pollen-eating one was measured next to a hand silhouette.

Wild mass guessing of things that come close to this is fine. links to page pictures would be ideal.
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Best answer: Sounds like Graeme Base's The Discovery of Dragons (1996). And based on your description, this might even be the illustration you're thinking of.
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Response by poster: Thank you Cortes, and yes it is.

There's enough of these out there that I'd be wading for ages at random. That has been a great help.
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Cool, glad to help. I'd all but forgotten about that book. Loved it as a kid. Now I have to get hold of a copy!
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