what's better than cunx?
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Courier bags: who's better than Cunx?

For the last twelve years, I've been daily using a Cunx courier bag (I don't courier anymore but still cycle). The bag material would probably last another twelve years but the buckles used to close it have seen better days and it's become rather faded. But Cunx don't seem to exist any more. What brands can be trusted to provide a bag that will last me a decade or so of use?
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I've only had it for a year, but my Chrome bag seems to be holding up well. It comes highly recommended by many couriers.
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I've been very happy with Courierware for years.
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check out R.E.Load. Made for couriers, by couriers.
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I'm very happy with my TimBuk2 bag.
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I second Courierware. I own two of their travel size bags (their largest.) One is about 10 years old, the other about 6. The 6 year old bag, which I use almost every day, still looks and feels relatively new. I don't use the older one every day, but it's still functionally new, but a bit faded.

If you ever have a problem with a Courierware bag, send it in and they'll repair it. They guarantee the bags for life.
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I just bought a BaileyWorks SuperPro Courier bag on the recommendation of the former pro courier that owns the bikeshop. I love it. I've owned a Timbuk2, a Pedro's bag, and I've borrowed and tried one of the Chrome bags. This bag kicks 'em all soundly. It has absolutely the best designed strap I've ever tried and fits more securely and comfortably than any other bag I've worn.

Plus I love the special pocket for the 6" u-lock.
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Oh, and in case any of y'all are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, the bikeshop in question is Behind Bars and is the friendliest, nicest little shop I've encountered.
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There were many courier bag recommendations in this AskMe thread.
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I highly recommend Tom Bihn. I have a cafe bag, but hope to get an ID at some point.
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My Chrome bag kicks ass so I'll second trey.
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I'm not a courier, but I love the Ortlieb messenger bags. I have the Velocity model, and it's the most durable backpack I've ever had.

I like that it's an actual backpack, and not an over the shoulder bag. The weight feels more evenly distributed.
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I also use the Ortlieb Velocity. I love it, and people are always admiring it. Also, the chest cross-strap and hip belt are quite unnecessary (especially given the bag's small capacity), so I removed both. The waterproof finish is essential given that I commute on my bike year-round, rain or shine.
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