How do you get into Nature? Publish, publish, publish!
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Can you recommend a good book/guide to writing scientific research papers (for publication)?

I've always written papers with experienced collaborators, but I'm now writing my first paper where I'm by myself. So, I thought I might see what the latest advice is for writing journal papers - advice in book/written form (as opposed to the live, experienced human form I've had before). I'm writing in the biomedical/statistics field. Thanks!
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How to write a lot
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Are you looking for style guides, or generally how to structure one's arguments in academic writing?

If you have an idea where you want to publish, major scientific journal publishers will frequently have their own author guides -- which focus a lot on structure and format.

For more general academic writing advice, I like They Say/I Say.
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Response by poster: I'm not really looking for format guides -- I've got that down. I'm just looking for writing advice. Thanks for the suggestions.
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Seconding How to Write a Lot.
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Scrutiny of the Introduction by Jon Claerbout is a good piece by a man who is generally considered one of the best technical writers in my own narrow field.
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Lest statistics, more biomedical. I link to this a lot: Whitesides' paper isnt a book, but it is full of good advice.
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I've been to George Gopen's writing seminar, which was excellent. He wrote a book The Sense of Structure: Writing from the Reader's Perspective. Here's an article that he wrote: The Science of Scientific Writing, which is free.
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