How to get involved in CCR5 HIV research?
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I am homozygous CCR5 delta32, and I've been wondering about getting involved in HIV (or other) research. Can someone tell me how I would go about that?

I tried searching, but all I was able to come up with were studies that had already been completed. I would like to get involved in the New York area, if possible.
posted by totalbs247 to Science & Nature (3 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite is a clearinghouse of federally funded clinical trials. You can search by condition and see if there are any options open there. The other option would be to contact academic medical centers (those affiliated with medical schools) in your area and ask if they are looking for participants. They should be able to direct you to researchers who may have some more information. The National Institutes of Health may also be able to point you to ongoing research somewhere. It's really great that you want to volunteer to further research.
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Call Casey Braddy, the Community Educator/Recruiter for the Vanderbilt Medical Clinic HIV Vaccine Trials. I know you're not in the area, but let her know your situation and ask if she knows of any researching universities in your area. She's the wonderful lady who recruited me for a spot in the most recent round of clinical trials, and she has access to the entire listing of NIH HIV Vaccine Trials network (which is, I think, 33 universities/teaching hospitals in the US). She will probably know where to send you next, and if not she can at least tell you the relevant people to call at the NIH, without having to go through their automated phone systems & bureaucracy.
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In NYC, you might try reaching out to GMHC. They will likely know about any HIV research going on locally.
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