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Looking for examples of well written blogs that cover a multitude of topics without seeming disorganized.

I'm interested in starting a blog as a sort of random thought public diary and hobby journal. Yea, nice and vague. I've tried narrowing it down to a single topic or area, but when I get a good idea for something outside that field that can't be included I generally stop writing altogether. I'd like it to at least appear cohesive in some way and would love some examples of people who have done this.

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Marginal Revolution by Tyler Cowen. Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but Cowen is prolific on a TON of topics.
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My old blog, now moth-balled, which I began with similar aims: The Huge Entity. Eventually, over its 3 year lifespan, it outgrew those original intentions in ways I could not have predicted.

Have fun, and let the blog and your readers tell you where to go
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I'm over 5000 posts and 10 years at ODonnellWeb. Just start writing - you really can't plan for who might end up reading your blog. So stop thinking, stop planning, and just write.
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This is not a good answer to your question, as everyone's process is different. But as someone who's asked this question, or a variant of it, at least twice a week, I will tell you this: stop planning and start doing. It doesn't matter. What you perceive as the weakness--this lack of coherence--is actually the strength. Ooh, you're going to be writing about your divorce AND your ceramics practice AND going to give us an episode-by-episode treatise on Battlestar Galactica? Well, good, because that is the perfect blog that the Internet didn't know it needed.

Planning a blog is the opposite of blogging. This blog should represent you, so you don't choke and shut down. Now get out of here right now and get started, thank you, and the Internet thanks you.
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Dubious Quality. Sort of video games/parenting/random funny stuff and interesting links. I've followed this for years and have regular email chats with Bill Harris. Heckuva nice guy, a good writer, and a motherfucker of a good ice-hockey coach, going on how his son's doing :)
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^ Posts random links, interesting design things. I've been reading for years and have always enjoyed his stuff! Seconding Marginal Revolution too.
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Jason Kottke is who I thought of too. It's just whatever strikes his fancy, and over time it does become coherent because "Jason's taste" becomes the common theme.
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I really enjoy Nothing But Bonfires.
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I like this guy's site, a polymath I went to grad school with. And a mefite, too.
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Just do it. I started my blog 3 times and each new start I erased the stuff I had on there before. I wish I could get it back. Like everyone said, just start writing. After a month of post the 'theme' or 'categories' will reveal themselves. Then start organizing them. Mine became "adventures and strategies"
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