Have you tried the Nike Fuel Band?
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Have you tried the Nike Fuel Band? What are your thoughts?

Also any tips on actually getting one would be useful, as they are currently sold out, or available with a huge mark-up on Ebay.
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I've been musing on getting one as well.

You can get Nike to send you e-mails when it's going to be in stock - this is the page.

Since I've subscribed they've sent two notifications - both times it said "okay, tomorrow (which has always been Wednesday) at 5pm EST we will have a limited number of all sizes available." The first time, by the time I got my account set up and ready to order, they were sold out, and the second time I forgot until about 5:10pm EST and they were all sold out. So make your nike.com shopping account ahead of time.

If you're wanting to order a size medium, however, do not do any of this stuff. At least not until I order mine
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If I can piggyback onto your question, CPB - for those've you who do have one already, what's the consistency of the band? Is it a hard bangle, a soft Livestrong-esque band, or somewhere in between?
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Response by poster: Looks like I'm going to go 0-fer on this one. ;-)
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If I get mine first I'll be sure to tell you all about it :)
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