Best Tanto Pocket Knife?
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I need help finding a folding tanto blade knife with some specifications:

The folding knife I'm looking for (besides being a tanto) should have the following:

- A notch for easy opening with a single finger
- A decent locking mechanism for when the blade is open and closed
- Serrated
- Spring assist would be great, but as long as it's relatively easy open I can do without it

I'm willing to spend up to $60, unless there's a very good reason to spend more. Thanks!
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I've been very happy with CRKT's M16Z. Serrated (if you pick the combo edge), auto-locking when open, and you've got your choice of thumb/finger stud for one-handed opening or assisted-open flip mechanism. It doesn't lock closed per se, but in my experience it resists opening enough that it won't come open unless you mean it to. They make a larger version also.
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I can't tell what specifically qualifies a "tanto" folding knife, but I have the non-serrated version of this Kershaw knife. Great assisted-open. Auto-lock when open, sliding stud to lock it closed. Just got it about a month ago (on the advice from this Ask question), but I like the quality so far.
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CRKT makes real nice knives. I carried one for a while, and I still would be if it hadn't been stolen! I've had good luck with S&W knives as well. I have a strong S&W chiseltip folder that I carry daily for utility, it's never let me down and I've had it for about a decade now. Sadly the model is discontinued but I'm sure their other knives are decent as well.
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I cannot recommend SOG knives highly enough. I have the older version of this guy. It does everything you want and does them all very well. It's been used and abused for about 6 years and is still going strong. It holds an edge very well and is nicely balanced. I know you have that $60 budget, but IMO pushing it a little higher to get something this nice that will last a long time is worth it. On the other side, I've had success finding SOG knives on sale for a good price at Knife Outlet. It is not fancy, but if you put the time into looking, you can find what you want at a steal sometimes.
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Ok, I see what constitutes a tanto knife now. Kershaw makes one of those with essentially the same features as my Leek: SpeedSafe assisted opening, lock open, and sliding stud to keep it closed.
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I have, and really like, a CRKT K.I.S.S.. No spring assist, but it opens and closes one handed really easily. And its simplicity is fantastic.
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