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I'm searching for an iPhone app or website that will quiz me on 7- and 8-letter bingos in Scrabble. E.g., AAANGRM is can be re-arranged to spell ANAGRAM.

Anyone aware of any such app/web site?

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You want the iPhone/PC/Mac game Text Twist. X letters for various values of X, an you need to find the bingo to go on to the next round. You get extra points for finding other words inside those X letters.
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There's a version/ripoff of Text Twist called Wordle as well.
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Do you mean Text Twirl? I am looking for this now.
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Text Twist: iPhone version, online version. As stated, there are knockoffs. That may be one of them.
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Try Wooords, which is a pretty fun spin on arranging a handful of letters into the longest and most words possible.
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Best answer: Hello. I play competitive Scrabble. I'm a member of the North American Scrabble Players Association, I'm a director at one of its clubs in New Jersey, and a tournament director for competitive Scrabble players.

This is so you know my pedigree.

Zyzzyva is the first, last, and best name in flashcard study for words in Scrabble in lexicons ranging from NASPA's Official Tournament and Club Word List to Words With Friends, among others. The program is available for desktop and iPhone use. Personally, I'm a desktop fan, but the iPhone version works just as well.

Use, enjoy, learn. And come on out to a tournament sometime! :)
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Zyzzyva is great.
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