Good roller derby names?
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My friend is trying out for roller derby, and she needs a good nom de plume.

It should be something cute, clever, and mildly sophisticated/referential. So far we've got:

-Punky Bruiser
-Eleanor Bruisevelt
-Sandra Day O'Clobber (my personal favorite)
-Harriet Clubman
-Rosa Sparks
-"Gore"ia Steinem

The civil rights ones are out, because she's little and white, and we don't want to be TOO offensive (even though one girl's name is Chainsaw Buttfuck), although some good catchphrases might be "Take THIS underground railroad!" and "Get to the BACK of the bus!"

That's right, we're also looking for catchphrases and signature moves. For Sandra Day O'Clobber I've got "Retire THIS!", "This is my DISSENTING OPINION!", "Take this DECIDING VOTE!", and several others, including moves like "The Gavel" and the "Court Brief".

Be as clever and as silly as possible; I know you mefites can do it.
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I think Sandra Day O'Clobber is soooo good.
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Punky Bruiser is my favorite.
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Mary "Wallop"stonecroft...
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Bloody Mary
Helen Killer
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Here's the website of the awesome roller derby league in Madison, Wisconsin - perhaps you can get some ideas there. (My favorite: Anya Knees.)
But I think that the first three on your list are terrific.
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I think Sandra Day O'Clobber is soooo good.

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George W. Push "Iraqed you in the jaw"
Mary Tyler Gore "you didn't make it afterall"
Condoleezza Vice "I lied and still got the job"
Nicole Kickman "Put an end to your Cruise"
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My favorite ones at the Rat City Rollergirls in Seattle are Ann Munition and Ida Slapter.

But I really like Sandra Day O'Clobber.
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Uma Hurtmen
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For the pop culture angle (I really like Punky Bruiser, SDO'C, and Helen Killer), howbout 'Lisa Sampson'? Since she's small, she could flex her muscles alot in an ironic way... Moves ... the sax slam? The vegan vroom? I can't remember any of Lisa's funny lines...
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If I were a woman, I'd totally be a roller girl. The one in Minnesota is the best. I like ones that aren't apparent until you say them out loud and use the whole name versus a single play on one or the other. Here's some I made up; don't know if they are used in other leagues:

Helen Wheels
Wanda Battle
Rudy Ruption
Frieda Fight
Elle Boe

Famous people:
Ivanna Thump

Or just fun:
Dirty Gertie

Cat Fight
Penny Pincher

I could do this all day.

My faves in MN are: Tara Niploff, Pattywack, Norah Torious, Flora Flipabitch, Tackle Box.
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Sandra Day O' Conquer.
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I think we've already got a Punky Bruiser here in Rat City. Some of my other faves here are Burnett Down and Tashya Round.
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BTW - some of these would make great drag names.

Brings to mind a game friends play on occasion. To come up with your own drag name: take the name of your first pet and the name of the street where you lived as a child. In my case, it's "Pinky M'Fingal."
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Sheila Keilya... Livia Bleadon/Livia Begin... not that they're half as cool as any of the above.

My friend is trying out for roller derby, and she needs a good nom de plume.

I'd just llke to point out that what she actually needs is a "nom de guerre".

Man that other link is great. Carrie A. Hacksaw!
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Thora Hass
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Back Alli
Inga Strominal
Gladys Herass
Baby Ache
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Dru Some
Sweet Plea
Bea Stanbitch
Sandy Louse

Just because it sounds downright nasty:
Violet McCabre

I'm done. Lemme know if you need more, deafmute.
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Wow, thanks everyone. I was going to start marking more best answers, but they're all SOO good. I'll show this page to her and try and update this (if anyone's watching by then) with the name she chooses.

In the meantime, keep that creativity flowing!
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Oh dear me. The mother lode is at The US Roller Girls Association. Perhaps best to avoid at first for fear of stifling creativity. I know what I'm annoying my wife with for the next hour.
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Count me in as a second voice requesting that you go to that USRGA link Aknaton posted; keep in mind that it doesn't have all the names up to date, but it is very bad form for a roller girl to repeat a name someone already has.

Mr. Athena de Crime (Windy City Rollers)
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YAY! i finally got highlighted as a best answer :)

i feel so SO proud :)
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Sharon Needles
Wilma Heartbreak
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My friend's also in Derby and she's totally taking Cybill Disobedience. Thanks, 23skidoo!
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