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What are the best squash/racquetball goggles/glasses on the market?

The more games of squash I play, the greater my chances of sustaining eye injury - well that's the way I see it. And would like to continue to see it.

What are your recommendations and which ones should I avoid?
Are the lens-less ones completely ruled out now?
How well do tinted lenses work on court?

(Me - I don't wear glasses or contact lenses. On court I get very hot and sweat a lot)
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When it is time, I always look for:
1) Approved by saftey standards organisation(s) in your country to protect you from the things they're supposed to be protecting you from...

2) I prefer that the glasses only touch my nose and ears/behind ears - nowhere else - unless they are performing that very important safety function at the moment. If they touch anywhere else (especially your forehead), the sweat will eventually find its way onto the lenses, there is less airflow behind the glasses so you get more fog-ups, etc.

I've never trusted lens-less goggles. The ball can deform from round greatly - so I'm sure there is some way for it to find its way through. That - and its not just the ball you have to worry about, but the other person, their racquet, pieces breaking off their raquet (or yours), etc.

I've always used clear lenses, since the ball is usually black, and the walls flat white...
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