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Help me get my kicks! Where can I find free slides, free-standing roller coasters, and other amusements?

I am looking for longer-than-average slides, free-standing (not inside of parks that charge admission) roller coasters, and other such fun things to go to with my kids.

(Bonus points for those in New England an hour or two from Boston)

Examples of what I am looking for:

Long green slide (anyone know where this is?)

Long metal slide in Utah

Long roller slide in Japan

Alpine coasters

Sand dunes (for surfing/sledding)

Natural waterslides
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It ain't near Boston, but Government Camp has a really long slide which is usable in summer. It's half a mile long.
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Not quite what you asked for, but given that you're in Boston and it's winter, a good hill for sledding would be at least as thrilling as any long slide you're going to find nearby. For starters, you can try Larz Anderson Park in Brookline but there are tons of other possibilities.
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I know it is farther than an hour, but I can't not mention the Cyclone, conveniently located on Surf Ave and W12th in Brooklyn. Great ancient wooden coaster on a public street. There are many other simple admission amusements right there as well - notably the Wonder Wheel.
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