Has my vintage Ese-Jane dress form been reassembled incorrectly?
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Has my vintage Ese-Jane dress form been reassembled incorrectly?

A while ago I got a vintage Ese-Jane dress form (pic 1, 2, 3) off ebay. She was all cobwebby and rusty. I used her for a long time to take photo's of clothes to sell. But now that I want to do some sewing I need her to match my measurements, which is not going well.

Something very weird is happening at the base. I have taken as many photo's as I can (with babies getting in the way) to demonstrate what doesn't seem right.
The "base boards" (4 ,5) seem to need to go either under or over the "cone thing" (6, 7). The cone thing is supported (but not attached) by a spring. The spring (8) is securely attached at its base to the pole by a split pin (edit - the split pin is there, but the spring just rests on it, it's not attached).

As you can see, the base boards have a cutout that makes me think they should fit snuggly around the centre pole.
At first I assumed that the base boards are supposed to go ABOVE the cone thing, and that the spring would exert pressure upward to somehow keep everything nice and snug. Unfortunately, the front left torso piece is a bit warped (9), but even so, having the base boards above the cone thing just doesn't seem to work. All the torso pieces seem to get pushed out at seemingly random angles, which makes sizing adjustments next to impossible. A complication, I feel, is that the cone thing is sloped. Which just encourages all the base boards to slide out.
In frustration today, I pulled all the base boards down so they were below the cone thing. And everything sits much better, but the whole dress form now is hanging soley from the neck so it's hard to do much work with it when it is 'swinging in the breeze'. And if the base boards are below the cone thing, what is that point of the cone thing and the spring?

Does anybody know how this lady is supposed to work?
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just a guess here, but is it possible to flip the cone so that the flat side is up, and would that help?
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I have no experience with this, but I'm also thinking the cone thing should be flipped. The way it is now, seems like the base boards are sliding down the slope of the cone. Flip the cone and they should be held up. I think.
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