Community for humanities-major-turned-engineers?
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Is there an online community or forum for engineers (or engineering grad students) who majored in humanities in college?

I'm currently a computer science master's student at a university in SF Bay Area, and I majored in humanities when I was in college long time ago. Before I come back to school, I had worked as a full-time programmer. I haven't found anyone in my class with similar background -- the closest one I know is someone from linguistics, although linguistics is more science than humanities.

On the other hand, since I know a few people in software industry who, like me, don't come from an engineering background, I start to wonder if there is an online community or forum to share and talk about the experiences, such as:

* Why and how did you become an engineer?
* Was there any challenge you faced, like picking up the field knowledge?
* Was there any hurdle in finding a job?
* Did people ever doubt if you qualified, because you didn't come from an engineering background?
* For grad students, how did you make up the undergrad prerequisites?
* Was there any difficulty taking more technical (e.g. math-intensive) classes?
* ... and many others

Admittedly I know more about programmers and software engineers who didn't study science/engineering in school since that's the industry I've worked in, but I'm curious if there are people who work in other fields.

One last thing is that, in the East Asian country that I'm from (I'm an international student), the division between humanities and science/engineering runs deep from high school and up, and I often wonder if that's one reason that many (humanities) people have misinformed expectation of technology and many (engineering) people have created products that emphasize too much on technology per se. That's overgeneralizing, for sure, and I'd also like to learn more about how things are comparatively in the US. That can be something to talk about, too.

I appreciate if you know where to find such a community or forum. Or if there isn't really anything like that, is there a way I can form one (and will there be enough people interested in it)?

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