Where to publish essay on meaning of meaning in psychology?
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What's a good venue to publish an essay on the notions of meaning and explanation in psychology (broadly defined)? I'd like to find a venue that would address both scholars in various fields as well as writers, artists, and the intelligent laymen who might be interested in these issues.

I'm thinking approx. 8-10,000 words. It's going to be an essay that sketches out (a few of) the different notions of explanation and meaning that are predominantly used to address human psychology in science, explain why they are unsatisfying, and advocate for an alternative approach that is more literary in nature.

The essay would be semi-scholarly: it would be more informal, eclectic, and focused on its original ideas than on explaining its evolution from an existing academic discourse.
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Are there no academic journals that you could try? I'm not at all familiar with that field at all, but it could be at least a start.
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It sounds like your audience is not really psychology, but rather people interested in philosophy and/or rhetoric of science. I don't know if there are any lay journals in this area, but there are certainly academic journals. If you're committed to the "semi-scholarly" thing, you might look for blogs on philosophy/rhetoric of science.
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Best answer: You could try Psychoanalytic Dialogues.
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