Outdoor Jump rope in the US
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Silly question but I am clueless: where to skip rope/jump rope in the US?!?

Many/most Americans love running. I love skipping. I'd like to jump rope/skip rope outdoors in a quiet place and not look terribly odd while I do it. I have never ever seen an individual skip rope outdoors around where I live and therefore it makes me feel as if its an odd thing to do here, similar to walking to places and not having a car; though I understand that the latter varies depending on where you are in the US. Where I live, its pretty darn odd (I have done that anyway and I am sure looked like an idiot in the process as well). Also, I live in a building so skipping in the backyard is out. Not interested in gyms either, so please no such suggestions.

If you are in the US and you love to skip rope outdoors as well, where do you do it (preferably without drawing craze attention)? I am dying to start skipping (I haven't done that for years now!!). But where, o' where? Ideas/advice/suggestions needed ASAP.

Thanks in advance!
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Parking lots, playgrounds, other areas with a hard surface.

If the primary concern here is that people may see you jumping rope, find a remote place to do it.

It would likely help people answer your question if they knew where you are located, in order that they can give you specific locations that are not highly trafficked in your area....
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Downtown Birmingham
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I'm in a major city, and I have seen people skipping rope. I think most adults are aware of its fitness advantages, so you shouldnt feel silly.
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I don't think I'd think twice about jumping rope in any park, playground, or yard. I don't think you need to be self-conscious about this. Just put on your "gym" clothes and you'll be read as someone getting some exercise. Not a big deal at all.
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Don't feel weird about it at all! When I was in high school I took up boxing on a lark and the very first training exercise we did each day was jump/skip rope. Had to do with cardio and helping us develop strong footwork. :) Totally normal.
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Any kind of park where people go jogging. (I would actually feel weird doing this at a playground, in a "look, kids, I'm one of you!" way.)
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Jumping rope while moving outdoors is often associated with boxing training - I bet there are group workouts doing this (and other things!) at your local boxing gym.
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Plus at a playground, kids will want you to double dutch.
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I think the beauty of jumping rope is that you CAN do it anywhere. So go nuts, it's not a crazy thing to do its a great workout. It's just not as common as jogging or biking but lots of people do it. That said, I think any park that affords a hard surface would be ideal to give you some cool scenery.

Or you can do it in your basement and feel shame.

(just kidding - but if your ceilings are high enough....).
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i think this is something you're going to just have to quiet your social anxieties about. some people are going to look at you like you're crazy, but those people aren't people you have to please. similar to walking in a primarily driving city, they have no reason to give you the side eye, so try to ignore it.
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You are all awesome. You know that, right?
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I jump rope.

When I have been in an apartment, I just go outside and do it on the path between the apartments. It's usually not busy, and I don't care if anyone sees me.
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