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What are your favorite clay sculpting beginners' resources?

Its something I've always been tempted to try, and stumbling upon both sawdustbear's store on mefi mall and this video in the same week has just pushed me over the edge into the gotta try this range. Should at least make for a fun new year's resolution.

I'm really more interested in the clay modelling style of things seen in the video, a hobby I can start off with slowly in my free time, that doesn't require much of a physical investment [workspace wise]

I'd love any recommendations relevant for someone who knows absolutely nothing about sculpting. Are there any prominent online communities? Go-to websites? Classic beginner's tomes? Must see DVDs? Whatever you know of, throw it at me.

I'm looking around for actual classes in my area, but its been rather fruitless so far, so please suggest resources with the assumption that classes aren't an option.

[I've seen this similar previous question from 2007, it was helpful, but didn't quite hit the answers I'm looking for.]
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Best answer: Many instructors have their course content online for free. So I'd google up some Clay Sculpting and/or pottery 101.

It's a good idea to start with pottery just to get familiar with clay and to get some basic clay handling skills.

Places like Blick have many good books as well as the supplies and tools you'll need. I'm sure any book they have about clay work will do the trick for you.

Please feel free to MeMail me with any other clay questions.

Clay is awesome! Have fun!
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Best answer: You might look into subscribing to Ceramics Monthly and/or Clay Times; both have interesting articles and often include glaze recipes for specific firing ranges, new firing techniques and instruction in sculpting and pottery-making. I've been out of the clay world for about 15 years now, but have maintained an interest in ceramics and from time to time still handbuild pottery and sculpture, and both of these publications keep me informed and entertained. Hope this helps.
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