IDPA transit woes
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IDPAFilter: Are there any Philadelphia mefites who shoot in the IDPA? Are there any IDPA clubs that are reachable via SEPTA?

I'm trying to get into practical shooting sports, but am having a rather large problem: transportation.

I've found a few IDPA clubs that are close enough to Philly to be viable... if I had a car. But, I don't have a vehicle, so I'd be stuck using SEPTA to get there. Naturally, the idea of taking the train with a bag full of pistols, ammo, and then humping it X miles to the actual range leaves me a little dismayed. Is it possible? Is it legal?

Any suggestions?

If you shoot IDPA (or, hell, IPSC... I'm not real picky) and live in Philly, would you be into carpooling? I'll pay for gas.
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I can't help you on a ride but for the legality, definately try calling either the police or maybe transit in your city, explaining what you wish to do. But I'd call from a pay phone. I can't imagine it's legal and it's not something I'd be comfortable with. If you got a concealed carry permit you could at least legally carry the pistol(s) on your person.
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You might try here or here for pointers on ranges in the city. This place does IDPA but might be difficult to reach on SEPTA. Perhaps if you found a decent range in the city, you could organize your own IDPA league? The affiliation fee isn't exorbitant. Even if you can't, you'll still be able to do a lot of IDPA-style shooting on your own.

I second 6550's observation regarding getting a carry permit if you don't already have one. That process, at least the last time I did it in Philly, takes several months. That was about 7 years ago and I doubt it's any quicker today.
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I don't know if it's IDPA, but I shoot at Collosimo's Pistol Range on 9th and Spring Garden.

As far as legality goes, you are completely allowed to carry an UNLOADED firearm IN A BAG if the ammo is in another container and not loaded in magazines. Even without a CCW permit, you are still allowed to travel with your firearm as long as you are either on your way to or from the firing range.
You should only be worried if you're carrying a concealed and loaded weapon.
At least, that's what the guys at Colosimo's range tell me...

Nevertheless, if you own a pistol, why not go ahead and get a permit? I'm sure it's worth it.

ps. Did we go to college together? Freshman year?
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Response by poster: I'm waiting for my letter to come so that I can go pick up my CCL. ETA 3 weeks.

I know that I can carry that on public transit. I'm really just sort of paranoid about going on a multi-hour train ride with a bigass bag full of gear. It's a little higher-key than my USP in a high-ride.

Although, if it's in a bag, nobody's gonna have a clue. Duh.

Cool. I'll just have to do a little more research, I guess. It sucks being carless... it'd suck more, thougha, to have to pay insurance and gas in Philly these days. Bleh.

Thanks for the help.
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