Help me find a playable piano in a London bar
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Recommend me a bar in Central London with a piano that anyone can walk in and play!

I'm helping to organise a leaving do for a colleague who is an excellent pianist, but whom few of us have ever seen perform. With his blessing, I'm looking to arrange for it to be in a place with a piano which he can step up and play at some point during the evening. It will be classical/jazz. I don't want him to be under pressure, so I don't want it to be like a booked-in gig, just a place with a piano he can play.

So... where can we do this? It needs to be a bar which doesn't mind the general public using their joanna, and preferably the instrument should be in tune and listenable. Does anyone know of such a place?

Thanks in advance!
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The Lord Clyde pub in Islington has an open piano on one weeknight (I think a Tuesday). Anyone can play and they even give the musician a free dinner in exchange for playing for 1 hour.
It's a great pub in general.
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The downstairs space at Cafe Koha just outside Leicester Square is bookable and has a piano. I run a regular event there that uses the piano, so it's definitely functional!
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