Drawing Classes in the Bay Area
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Drawing classes in San Francisco: Is there anything like the Art Students League in New York (cheaper, start and stop when you'd like) or 3rd Ward — or is it just CCA, SFAI, and the Berkeley Art Extension? I'd like to take a drawing class that is less expensive and less intensive than some of the semester-long offerings at these schools ($400 for 12 wks is the general setup). Any Bay Area mefites have the scoop?
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I don,t know SF but googling San Francisco "life drawing" turns up a lot of likely hits. Quite a few were listed at Meet Up as drop-in classes from $7 to $14.

Maybe these are no good because you want an instructor?
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Response by poster: Yes, I am definitely looking for an instructor.
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Pacific Art League, which is in Palo Alto, is cheaper and low key, but still 10 or 12 week series.
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Best answer: Sharon Art Studio in Golden Gate? I can't vouch for the classes, though I know someone who takes a few courses there and also teaches quilting.

There's also courses at CCSF.
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If you are willing to cross over to the East Bay then Laney College has some great classes (Lake Merritt BART and a short walk).
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I don't know anything about it, but I used to walk past this place when I lived in Noe Valley. They have 5 stars x 11 reviews on Yelp.
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Response by poster: Sharon Art Studio looks perfect. I'm already excited to sign up for some of the one-day workshops.
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I took entry-level figure drawing classes at both Sharon Art Studio and CCSF and enjoyed them a great deal. Sharon's class was definitely more self-directed, whereas the CCSF classes had more instruction. I took the CCSF class first and I'm glad I did.
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