What are the best plug and play arcade games available?
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My nephews (6 and 8) love old arcade games and I am looking for a Plug and Play game for their Christmas gift. Any games from Pacman to Sonic would be fine. What are the best options? Also are there any two player plug and play games in the market which are worth buying?
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Jakk's used to make lots of plug and play consoles with retro games. Looking at their site, it looks like they only have the Atari console (with retro joystick) still for sale, but you can still find Frogger and Ms. Pac Man through other sources.
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Do you have an Urban Outfitters nearby? This is available or you can just order it online! It has 60 games!!!
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There's also the Atari Flashback 3. It has 60 games. These are the Atari 2600 ports of games like Missile command and Asteroids though, not the actual arcade versions.
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Street Fighter II

The greatest 2 player video game of all time.
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You can get the Atari Flashback 3 and Sega Genesis Sonic themed plug and play in store at Walgreens. Check the website for local availability.

If your grandson doesn't like it, you can return just about anything to Walgreens with a receipt, too. :)
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One thing to watch out for with these game sets is that the number of games included is often misleading. They'll count single player and multi player modes of the game as seperate games. They'll change a sprite and call it another game. Stuff like that.

That being said, are you opposed to getting them an old computer and stocking it with emulators/roms?
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