Help me locate a short science fiction story available online
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I'm trying to find a science-fiction story that I saw on a webpage once. I can only remember a few odd miscellaneous details: the author was gay and French, he had a page about his graduate-level math research, and I think his name may have had "David" or "Simon" in it. His webpage was in both English and French, and I'm pretty sure it talked about Alan Turing on part of it. The story itself was based on the premise that the ancient Greeks discovered space travel 2000 years ago and spread throughout the galaxy, creating a galaxy-wide Hellenic-style empire. I believe only the first chapter of the story was written, which was mostly the Earthling protagonist discovering the empire, exposition about its history and politics, and him having sex with some Greek-god-lookalike guy from the Empire.

I've tried to do numerous searches and so forth, but I can't find the story anywhere. I'd like to find it, and the guy's webpage, somehow.

(I'm not sure if this is the correct category; let me know if it should go in "computers & internet.")
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Sounds like David Madore's site. I'd guess the actual story is "Earth and Empire," but you'll have to let us know.
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Yes, that's it! Wow, you found that quickly. Thank you so much; I have seriously been looking for that for a long time. :)

How did you find it?
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You're welcome.
According to my browser history, it was a Google search with this syntax: france mathematics "science fiction" (david OR simon). I used "france" because it would be the same word in English or in French. Came up third on my results list.
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