Help find a lost book of surreal menus
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What surreal work of fiction details the increasingly adventurous menus of two obviously pseudonymed authors? I've lost my copy, the name, the author's names, and possibly part of my sanity.

On first read this book, purchased from the dusty shelves of Community Thrift several years ago, appalled me. Chapter after chapter of recipes for things that should never be eaten. Women, rare birds. Wolves. Unspeakable things.

There were two male authors with obvious pseudonyms. It was published by a small press, a paperback. A wolf on the cover, with a green-skinned apple between it's teeth. It looked innocuous.

The conceit of this assumed work of fiction is that the authors sought ever more fantastic dining experiences, and they recorded their feast preparations.

What book you ask? No idea. Maybe the title contained "omnivore" and perhaps not. The clever pseudonyms have flown my grasp.

Nary a trace of you on the Internet in searches of words and images and books. Amazon has not a whiff of you, Citations contains nothing. Omnivore Books and Kitchen Arts & Letters fail to have their bells rung, though both listened with great kindness to my increasingly unbelievable pursuit. Lost.
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Neil Gaiman's Sunbird has a bit of this, but is probably not what you're thinking of.
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No apple, but there's a wolf and nasty recipes.. (maybe alternative cover?)

I'll keep trying
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Best answer: The Decadent Cookbook: Recipes of Obsession and Excess by Lucian Medlar and Durian Gray.
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See also The Decadent Gardener, The Decadent Traveller and (forthcoming) The Decadent Sportsman.
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