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I just found out I dont have work tomorrow, and i'd like to go out and try skydiving. I live in Boston, and the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I should look, or anything I should know. Do you think its even possible to call in the morning and have a chance to jump the same day? Any tips are greatly appreciated.
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I've never skydived before, but from what I've heard from a friend that frequently does, the first time out you need about an hour of training for a tandem jump. You'll have to rent equipment and such, and I think it'll cost a couple hundred dollars.

I've heard good things about Jumptown, in Orange, MA. (About 1-1/2 to 2 hours from Boston.) It's right off of Rt. 2 (exit 16), if you don't mind the drive. From their website, it looks like you can do a tandem jump in half a day.
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Yeah, you can do it. I live in Boston as well, and was the co-founder of the Skydiving Club at Bentley College in Waltham, MA, when I was a student. We organized trips every semester to Skydive Newport in Middletown, RI and it was always a fantastic experience. Can't recommend them enough. Give them a call at 877-723-6423. I'd expect you could get a same-day jump, especially given that it's a Monday.

Good luck with it!
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You will probably have to spend about half a day in all, but you can usually do it the day of. These guys are in Northampton, MA which is a great place to skydive because of the Pioneer valley scenery. Tommorrow will be a great day 80 degrees or so. It's also about 90 minutes away (Orange is actually probably a hair closer to Boston).
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Or you could try the club in Pepperell. It's a bit closer to Boston.
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I third Pepperell, my roommate is an avid jumper, we live in Watertown, and he goes there frequently during the week. I think it's about the closest place to Boston that you can go. He's always trying to convince me and our other friends to jump - I'm not really interested ;-) I'm sure you'll have a great time though.
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