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Is there a good alternative to aMember?

I have been using aMember Membership Software for a while as a backbone for several social networking sites. While I like it, and it works well, I don't necessarily love it. My Google-fu has failed to turn up any viable alternatives. PHP developers of Metafilter: Short of creating your own membership management script, what would you use?

Important/Relevant information:
- Needs to work with Linux hosting (HostGator, specifically)
- PHP/MySQL based
- Open Source is preferred
- Doesn't need to be free, but must be affordable (eg. < $300)
- Good support/documentation
- Must be able to demo it without buying it
- Must play nice with custom PHP scripts, as well as packages like ZenCart and phpBB
- Should have a wide variety of payment processor options

If I neglected to include any information, feel free to ask.
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