What's a game like MW2, but with less grenades and head shots?
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Christmas gift idea for 10 y/o nephew. Wii console game, FPS-style, but not Modern Warfare 3.

I recently learned my nephew LOVES playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on his Nintendo Wii. I was kinda proud and shocked at the same time. I loved MW2 myself, but I thought it was probably a bit mature for a 10 year old kid to be playing. I spoke to his parents, suggesting it can be pretty violent, but they seem fine with it, so... well, it's up to them, I guess. At least he doesn't play online - just campaign mode.

So now Christmas is coming and I'm thinking of getting him a new First Person Shooter game. But I don't want to get him MW3. For one thing, from what I've heard, it's not very different from MW2. Also, my personal feeling that he's a bit too young for outright war simulation games.

So can anyone suggest a FPS game that is available on Wii and is a bit more "kid friendly" than the Modern Warfare series? I'm thinking along the lines of a FPS in Super Mario style, if you know what I mean? Something where the killing is a bit less ... apparent.
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Best answer: The three games in Metroid Prime Trilogy are FPS's, and rated for 13 or 14 year olds (depending on your continent). The games are definitely not 'kid-friendly' in the Mario sense, but the violence is much less gritty and 'real', and largely involves blasting huge menacing aliens. The games are as much about exploration and puzzle-solving as they are about battle, and are among the most critically acclaimed Wii games.
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Sorry, I meant to write '12 or 13'.
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You might want to consider the the remake of Goldeneye. No it's not Mario-like, but find me a kid who didn't love playing it on the N64.....
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Do you think he might enjoy a Flight Simulator game?

Maybe Donkey Kong? Here is a list of good games. Golden Eye suggested by Frasermoo is on the list.
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Response by poster: I shouldn't have mentioned Mario. Big bubbly Italian pizza cooks is not a prerequisite :) Thanks for the suggestions. The Metroid series looks like it could be a go-er.
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If you are thinking about getting a Wii game, can I throw the upcoming Legend of Zelda out there instead. It's not an FPS, but it's supposed to be totally awesome. It's looking like it'll be a major hit, one of those console defining games, like Ocarina of Time was for N64 (13 years later and I still vividly remember opening that on Christmas day). I'd be willing to bet your nephew will like it. If it must be an FPS then I second Metroid Prime Trilogy, though it's a bit dated now.

Also. Mario is a plumber. He plumbs. He sometimes stomps, throws fireballs. Drives a cart, enjoys coins and mushrooms. Has a fun time with his pals. Occasionally he wears the skin of the raccoon dog which enables him to fly. But he does not work in the food industry.
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Response by poster: Got him one of the Metroid games and he loves it. Thanks le morte de bea arthur.

And yes, tracert, of course Mario is a plumber. What on Earth was I thinking?!
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