Names in the Form "Y At X", But Not at X
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Jazz at Lincoln Center is not actually at Lincoln Center. Are there other institutions with similar names?

If you're wondering, Jazz at Lincoln Center used to be at Lincoln Center, but moved to the Time Warner Center.

(For the sake of this question, let's exclude sports teams that play in arenas not actually in their city, like the NY Jets and Giants who play in NJ or the Washington Redskins, who are headquartered in VA and play in MD.)
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Well, most Broadway theaters are not on Broadway itself, merely close to it.
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Also the London Bridge now resides in Arizona, though they haven't changed the name.
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NYC's 2nd Ave Deli is now on 33rd between Lex and Third.
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At this year's Edinburgh Fringe festival, comedy promoter Assembly, which is named after its high-profile long-term venue, The Assembly Rooms, lost its contract to run comedy shows there and set up instead in George Square, in a different part of the city - but kept its original name.
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The Elgin-O'Hare Expressway goes to neither Elgin nor O'Hare.
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Wake Forest University is not in Wake Forest, North Carolina. It moved to Winston-Salem (about 100 miles away) in the 50's.
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There's a DC-area fabric store called G Street Fabrics. They used to be on G Street in DC, but now they're not.
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The 9:30 Club in Washington, DC, was originally at 930 F Street. It later moved uptown, but kept the name.
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The Bunker Hill Monument in Boston is not on Bunker Hill.
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Los Alamitos Race Course is actually in next-door Cypress.
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Walnut Street Baptist Church is a nearly 200-year-old church in Louisville, Kentucky. It is now located at the corner of Third and St. Catherine streets.
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Last week, I rowed in the "Head of the Hooch" regatta ("Hooch" being shorthand for the Chattahoochee River).

However, the regatta hasn't been held on, or anywhere near the Chattahoochee since 1997. They moved it when they outgrew the venue (and later did so again in 2004), but kept the name.
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The Court of St. James' is usually at Buckingham Palace.
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Madison Square Garden isn't at Madison Square, and isn't even the first Madison Square Garden not to be at Madison Square.
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The Indianapolis 500 is run at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which is located in the town of Speedway, IN.
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Loads of smaller-scale ones - I used to work at a place called Cherry Street Fish Market, but it was on Hobart Street, and there's a concert series in a town near me called "Music in Deerfield" but it's in Northampton, not Deerfield.
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Boston College is technically not in Boston.

Rivington Guitars (a store in NYC) is on 4th St., not on nearby Rivington St.

Kerbey Lane Cafe (a restaurant in Austin, TX) does have a location on Kerbey Lane, but also other locations on different streets. I don't know if this counts.
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Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music. Now with 0% Old Town, and less than 50% folk music.
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Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport is located in an unincorporated swath next to the town of Linthicum in Anne Arundel county, Maryland. In other words, it (similarly to other airports) is neither in Baltimore nor Washington, nor is it even in Baltimore County.
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"Austin City Limits" takes place entirely within the confines of Austin, TX. They never even get CLOSE to the edge of town.
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What about the Peter Jay Sharpe theater right around the corner which is very confusingly one of four Peter Jay Sharpe theaters??
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Locally, I'm sure there are lots of things like restaurants and theaters which established themselves as at a location and had to move; in addition, I think most airports aren't actually in the cities they claim to serve - Cincinnati.
Locally, the 'New Haven' airport is in East Haven and the University of New Haven is in West Haven.
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The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire. - Voltaire.
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The Cincinnati International Airport is actually located in Kentucky.
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