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Where in the DC area can I sell my husband's 1990's trading cards?

My husband has stacks of Marvel, DC and a few sports cards that he wants to get rid of. I checked eBay and very few lots of cards are selling or even being bid on. We're not looking to make money on these and I doubt they include any of much value. Is there a comic book store in the DC/NoVA area that will take them off our hands?
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Unless you have something particularly rare or a complete set, I'd guess that most comics and card shops will pass, especially on the sports cards. There's just no market for them. I'd suggest you find some 10 year old kid and give them to him or her to enjoy. Most comics shops will look through them to see if there's anything good, but there was a glut of "collectables" produced in the 90s, and most of it is near worthless now.
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Or you could donate them to a local thrift store or maybe some program that needs reading material for kids? But to reiterate, yeah they don't sell because they usually aren't worth anything.
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donate, the market for these things has died
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You might get a few cents a pound for them at most.
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When I got rid of all of my trading cards I gave them to a friend's kid. As a general rule adults don't find trading cards interesting unless there is money in them. But I imagine most kids would think they were neat.
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I did the same as dgeiser13. I had a collection of over 5000 baseball cards from the late 80s and 90s. I could have maybe got $50 for them...probably much less. Not sure about the comics, but from the above it sounds like the market is in the same state.
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