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Need name of a book of fiction reviewed several months ago (NYT, WSJ or LA Times) about memory loss. A woman in her 30's wakes up (next to her husband she does not recognize) and remembers nothing about her current life.
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It's Before I Go To Sleep, S.J. Watson.
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Hi! First of all, it looks like there's a good candidate for the book you're looking for - if it turns out it isn't Watson's book, feel free to add a comment letting us know so we can look more.

Just as a friendly note, though, I should point out that on the Internet, writing IN ALL CAPS like this is usually understood to mean "shouting." Plus, it's just harder to read things that are in all caps. There's a Caps Lock key next to the A button on your keyboard; if you find yourself TYPING LIKE THIS and you don't intend to, you can just press it again to disable it.

Hope that helps! And welcome to Metafilter!
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[Fixed the all-caps, carry on.]
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I don't believe this was the title. I am not remembering it described as a thriller or the husband
as the antagonist. Thanks for the heads up on the "all caps".
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I don't see this book being reviewed by any of the publications you listed, but is it "Remember Me?"? That site says the woman is 28, not in her 30s, so that's probably not it. Gosh I'm helpful.
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Not a thriller, but "woman wakes up with memory loss" is one of the plotlines of 50 First Dates. It's a romantic comedy from 2004, though, not a book as far as I know.
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I really think that it's Before I Go To Sleep as mentioned by others earlier. Sticherbeast has posted a link to the LA Times review, and here is the WSJ article published in May this year. Meets all the criteria you listed.
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If it's not the Watson book, is it What Alice Forgot?
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Hi Mom. Here is the Times' review of the afore mentioned book. The review doesn't go into enough detail to really call it a thriller nor mention her husband. So maybe that's it.
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Thank you everyone. Yes, it is Before I Go to Sleep--- - just ordered it from Amazon!
ps Travis, call your Mom.
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