No Suh!!! I can't find this shirt nowhere! Please Help Chowts!
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ATTENTION Boston Red Sox Fans!!!! Need help finding a certain shirt in XXL (if it still exists)...

My son's First Grade teacher is looking for one for her husband. My relatives in MA have been unhelpful. Here's the the shirt.

Is this an authentic Life is Good shirt or just a bootleg? Was it part of the inaugural music festival? Can it still be had for a decent price?

Thanks BosoxFanMefites!
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FYI, you have to scroll down the page to see the t-shirt in question. A blue shirt with 'Life Is Good' on front and "Fenway 7" on the back. Thanks...
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Yep, it's authentic Life Is Good. I have one. :-)

Try contacting a LiG retail store for more info... I've seen them on the Vineyard, the Cape, and in the Kittery/Ogunquit Maine area, but I'm on the road now so please forgive the lack of linkage.

Go Sox!
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Thanks, bfu!
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Following up on bfu's post, of these stores the Jake's House listed on that link is the closest to Fenway Park (just a short walk, really.) I'd give them a call first. If they have it, but can't process the order over the phone and/or ship it, shoot me a MefiMail. I might be able to swing by and pick it up for you and send it to wherever you're at.
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You could try Twins Enterprises. They have the largest Red Sox store. Right on Yawkey Way. FYI You need a game ticket to get into the dtore if you go there on game days after 4PM.
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Seeing as this has been answered already...Does anyone know where to get an "Ortiz has a posse" shirt? I lost mine a couple of years ago and have not seen them anywhere...
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ah, nevermind, i don't want to hijack this question. I'll post my own question later. Good luck.
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Thanks everyone for the info! I've passed it on to the interested parted and they are thrilled! Mefites in action rule!
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