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A few years back I found a website that listed out all the comics that Marvel has published throughout their history in a year by year basis. The page was set up in a very basic HTML grid format, but it was amazingly comprehensive. I need to find it to calm my anal retentive impulse to read all my back issues in chronological order. It was not Mike's Amazing World of Marvel Comics as much as I do love that site, it just isn't quite enough to fulfill my completist nature. Help?
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Was it Comic Book DB? Or if not, will it do? You can search by cover date to pull up a month's worth of issues at a time (where, every other month, you have to incorporate a bi-monthly search too).
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Response by poster: Sadly no. It listed every issue for that year at a time alphabetically in grid form. It made it very, very easy to reference and obsessively make lists as I am prone to do. I've tried using Comic Book DB, but it is slightly more work than I prefer.
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Marvel Chronology Project? (It lists issues by character, though.)
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Response by poster: No, sadly not that either.
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This maybe?

Complete Marvel Reading Order

Looks to be a work in progress.

It's possible that the simple basic HTML of years back has been upgraded at some point.
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