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Identify this toy dinosaur? (yes, really.)

My 3yo daughter has this toy from FAO Schwarz. She loves it and is generally obsessed with dinosaurs. We have identified all but one of the dinosaurs in the house, but can't seem to get the green one right in the middle of the picture, the one that looks kind of like a T Rex but with crests on its head. Any ideas?
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Response by poster: damn, that was too easy. I've even heard of an allosaurus, too. Thanks!
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Best answer: My son has a similar toy that we have officially identified as a dilophosaurus. Ignore the pictures you might find showing it with a big frill. That was something Spielburg made up for Jurassic Park.
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Response by poster: oooh. jumped the gun. Definitely looks more like a dilophosaurus.
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This set is awesome! And adorable! What a lucky kid!

My brother and I had the Jurassic Park action figures growing up, and you'll be happy to know that the frill on the dilophosaur toy was removable so you could play with a much closer-to-accurate version of the thing (which looked a lot like your little stuffed guy there).

The long-necked guy in the back is probably supposed to be a brachiosaurus rather than an apato/brontosaurus. Which you probably already figured out. Dinosaurs are so cool. Is the little guy hidden in the hut an ankylosaur? I love those guys!
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Response by poster: It is supercool, phunniemee and was actually a gift to my kid from mefi's own essexjan!

The other dinosaurs appear to be:

brachiosaurus (although yeah, the kid occasionally insists that he's an apatosaur)

No ankylosaurus, sadly because they ARE cool, but she has a popup dinosaur book with an ankylosaurus, so we're ok there :)
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Oh my god. That Nature Online Dino Directory site is fantastic. I love MeFi.
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The other dinosaurs appear to be:

Technically, the dimetrodon is not a dinosaur. It's from an earlier era and is merely a big reptile. The difference is the hips (and shoulders, I guess they'd be). Dinosaur legs should come straight down whereas the dimetrodon has splayed legs.
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