Sinhalese/Sri Lankan?
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What do you call people from Sri Lanka?

I have seen both Sinhalese used for the language and people, and Sri Lankan for the people. Google has yielded me little answer; there's too much interference.

I never know what to use in conversation and I worry I might inadvertently offend someone by using the wrong term, especially if they are Tamil. Thanks very much,
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The Sri Lankans I know refer to themselves as Sri Lankan, fwiw.
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Sri Lankan/s. Cricket doesn't lie.
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Best answer: Mecca of pedantry Wikipedia agrees that the proper demonym for citizens of Sri Lanka is "Sri Lankan." Sinhalese refers to the majority ethnic group (and language).
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Sri Lankan includes Sinhalese and Tamil - it's the safe option.
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Yeah, I would definitely not call a Tamil person Sinhalese, that would not go over very well at all.
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I knew someone in college who was Tamil. You could call her Sri Lankan or Tamil, but not Sinhalese. That was a no-no.
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my friend whose family is from Sri Lanka refers to them as Sri Lankan
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Best answer: Sri Lankan is the nationality, Tamil and Sinhalese are both languages and ethnicities. Sinhalese are the majority ethnic group in Sri Lanka, Tamils are the significant minority. There are also Tamils in India and elsewhere, so in some contexts it may be appropriate to refer to Tamils from Sri Lanka as 'Sri Lankan Tamils'. If you're referring to people from Sri Lanka in general, without wanting to specify an ethnicity or language, you should call them Sri Lankans.
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Best answer: My understanding is that this one is pretty simple. Sinhalese are the majority ethnic group, Tamil are the main minority group (there are others, we had a Burgher friend), if you know the ethnicity of the person you're speaking to you'll not offend them referring to them as either Sri Lankan or their ethnic group, if you get it wrong you probably will offend them, so to be safe, just call them Sri Lankan.
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I know Sri Lankans who refer to themselves as Ceylonese (generally older people), but Sri Lankan is universally accepted.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, this has totally cleared it up for me.
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