Tiny display model tent?
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Anyone know how I can get my hands on one of those miniature tents used as display models in the sporting goods sections of many stores?

The mini-tents I'm thinking of feature working zippers and bug screens; they are usually displayed in stores that sell tents but don't have the floor space to put a full-sized one up as a demo. I've long felt that they would make unique play houses / hiding places for my cat. (Far more interesting from my perspective than the standard cat beds, at any rate.) As far as I know they are returned to the manufacturer when the tent model is retired, but I can't find any info on them (Google either gives me full-sized tents used as display models or scale models for hobbyists).
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eBay, of course. That top one ends in 44 minutes! BID NOW! Also try Sample Tent.
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I've had this exact same thought! Someone help us please!!! My cats really need this.
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$40?? Okay, maybe they don't need it.
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I e-mailed Coleman about these, they were unwilling to give/sell me one.
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When I worked at Wal-Mart's bastard cousin Sam's Club, we kept a list of who was interested in the tents and gave them a call when we received new models from the manufacturer. You could try asking sporting goods shops what they do with them when they are outdated or replaced.
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I think you can even get actual pet tents. My friend Erica has one- her neighbors, who work at a pet store, gave it to her. It's an IAMS tent, if I remember correctly.
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Tell a store that you'll buy a real tent if they keep the model aside for your cat. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't. If it works, then you and your cat can go camping together. "Hey, buddy, are you packed? Catskills, here we come!"
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I so wanted one of those when I was a little kid, for my teddy bears. My dad tried to get me one, and had no success after asking at several stores.

The only lead he got was that one place told him that he could buy one from the manufacturer, but it would cost more than a full-size tent. Unfortunately, my dad was unwilling to spend that much money on my bears.
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The American Girl Tent would be the perfect size and is of great quality. Here's a different version (granted, in hideous colors) for $10.
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REI Dog Dome
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I am so so sick. I just bought one off eBay.
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Simmons Pet Care - Cat tent - $35.

Interesting things on Google, for "cat tent". [Garbage sponsored links, interestingly - apparently no advertiser is offering much - or anything - for this specific search term.
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Seriously, don't buy one. Find out when the store(s) reset their Sporting Goods department, and then around that time of year, go in and ask if you can take one of their old displays. Last year at Target I gave away about 5, mainly to employees, but I'd've been perfectly willing to give them to guests. (The same thing goes for any of the signing. If you want it, ask when it comes down, and it's yours.)
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Hmm...but maybe this year I'll just keep them and sell them on ebay....
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