Help me choose the right lenses for my sunglasses
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What combination of lenses should I buy for my new Oakley Flak Jackets, for year-round cycle commuting?

I commute to work by bicycle and recently trashed my sunglasses. I need eye protection whenever I ride so I have invested in some Oakley Flak Jackets. I want to wear them year round, so I will need lenses for all weathers and all light conditions - from pitch blackness to bright daylight, from storms to blue skies. What different lenses do I need from the incredible and confusing range on offer?

They've come with black iridium lenses, which are great for bright sunlight, but I'm going to need two more, I think:-

1) Something for night time. Clear is the obvious choice, but there are also high intensity yellow and rose tints designed for darkness. Anyone have any experience of these? I'll be doing a lot of miles under streetlights if that's relevant.

2) Something intermediate for dawn, dusk and dull overcast daylight, which are going to get a lot of use. I've seen Persimmon recommended, and also the G20s. Which of these do I go for, or something different?
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My boss wears the yellow for both your 1) and 2). His commute is mostly under streetlights, but with some darker stretches.
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I do a black, rose (transmission - 32%) and clear. These have been adequate for all the cycling conditions I've encountered. If you have the cash, polarised lenses are nice, too.
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I've been wearing a pair of cheap-ass whatevers for a few years that came with dark, clear, and yellow/orange lenses. Yellow/orange is my go-to and they're just fine for all-around usage, with clear going to rainy/cloudy days and the darks for very sunny days.
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This may be a bit of a derail...but lenses are one of those complementary items that sometimes jack up the entire price of the package ($200 game system...but $75 games).

I would suggest buying lots of lenses at a very cheap price...and then buying the frames that go with it (after returning your flaks).

Check it out on oakley vault. Their stuff changes every month.
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