Baby Zombie needs a new ride
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Can anyone recommend a new jogging stroller with a large canopy and air-filled tires?

The Zombie household is in need of a new jogging stroller. We currently have a Baby Jogger City Elite and love it, but need to replace it due to circumstances outside of our control *frowny face*.

Things we love about the ol' stroller
*inflatable tires
*front tire swivels
*HUGE canopy

Things we hate about the new model of the City Elite
*foam tires that are basically as hard as plastic. (this is basically a deal killer)

So, what new stroller should we get? The new stroller should have
1) A large canopy
2) Tires that don't make you feel every single bump you go over when out and about.

Obviously we could look around on craigslist, but I'm curious what other parents are enjoying right now.
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My wife uses the double version of this one. She's happy with it -- she's a marathon runner and she takes our kids out on runs very often. This thing has been good to her for 3 years now, and the kids like it too.

It has all of the things you love about your old stroller. You can lock the front tire for your runs; but beware that when it is unlocked it'll go all wacky on you at a fast walking pace.

However, all my experience is with the double, so maybe this smaller stroller behaves differently.
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The BOB jogging strollers seem to be de rigeur here in the Bay Area.
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We have a BOB Ironman that's about 6 years old that we bought new with our first. Has all the stuff you're looking for. It's a more "serious" jogging stroller. Front wheel is fixed and does not pivot. It tracks straight as an arrow.

Also has an adjustable suspension system for different size kids.

I'm sure that model has had some improvements/changes over the years as well.

I wouldn't trade our BOB for anything. Best jogging stroller ever, I think.
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We love our BOB stroller as well.
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BOB revolution. We love our duallie and craigslisted all the other strollers we'd previously used. It handles incredibly smoothly, it's got awesome suspension, huge canopies, air tires, front swivel and is definitely one of those things that is worth the premium price. Unfortunately they are rarely included in sales. We got ours 20% off from llbean with a coupon code. I've seen them on amazon lightning deals occasionally.

Can't beat the BOB.
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Another vote for BOB. I have the Revolution model, so the front wheel locks for jogging and pivots [like a dream] for regulare use. I get asked about it constantly, and it hasn't done me wrong in over a year worth of use thus far. It rolls down the street so easily that I barely need to use a pinky to push it, and it works amazingly on slush, snow, sand, gravel etc.
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Response by poster: all the pics I had seen of B.O.B strollers the canopy looked small, so out of curiosity I poked around some more and i guess all those pics just had the canopy not pulled out fully. That is a nice size :) Good to hear the votes of confidence
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nthing the BOB, baby dolface and I have logged about 500 miles together in the last 6 months and no complaints so far.

It also works pretty well on trails as long as they aren't TOO technical which is great.
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Yeah, our BOB revolution is the bomb!
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Response by poster: Mrs. Zombie is seeing a lot of reviews of the newer BOB models stating saying the canopy is smaller and isn't conducive to kids with longer torsos (read: kids with the last name Zombie).

We shall see. Thanks for the votes for BOB, gotta go eat some brains now.
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we have the City Mini, which has a great sun shade and is comfortable for both pusher and pushee.
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I'm pretty happy with my Bumbleride Indie, but I haven't jogged with it, just taken fast walks. The canopy on the bassinet is awesome (our little guy is too small to have tried out the other canopy yet)
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Definitely a BOB. I have a Baby Jogger and thought it was good, but after trying out a friend's BOB I am filled with envy.
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Response by poster:
Definitely a BOB. I have a Baby Jogger and thought it was good, but after trying out a friend's BOB I am filled with envy.

are you filled with envy because it's comfortable for you to push or for the kid to be in?
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I envy how easy it is to steer. The Baby Jogger has a fixed front wheel, unlike the BOB I tried. Mr Corpse has run marathons with our Baby Jogger, but I use it as a normal stroller while walking and have to maneuver it around more corners and such. My friend who owns the BOB runs several miles with hers almost every day and she likes it.

My kids have never complained about the Baby Jogger, so I presume it's comfortable enough. I've rolled it -- deliberately, while holding it -- down several flights of stairs with a kid in it, and he just yelled "whee! whee!" the whole way down. Your children may vary.
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Response by poster: haha! Our kid seems to love the Baby Jogger as well :) not talking yet, so no Whees going on yet, but i can imagine.

thanks for all the thumbs up towards BOB strollers though.
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