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Help me remember this spoken word poem/poet

I remember watching this spoken word poem online, I can't seem to remember the full title. It was called "(something) love poem" and talked about the flaws in the way that love is represented in pop culture. It was performed by a young female poet. There was another poem by the same poet that was essentially a long description of the poet, or a list of things that she had experienced.

I couldn't find anything on google. Does anyone remember a poem like this? Thanks!
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This Is Not a Love Poem?
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Maybe A Real Love Poem by Tara Brenner. The second one you mentioned might be Part Time Superhero.
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Response by poster: Wow, I didn't realize how many poems there would be that fit this description!

No, it's not actually either of these... let's see if I can remember some more details. It was definitely performed in front of an audience. The first poem wasn't really a love poem directed to anyone, despite having "love poem" in the title. It was more along the lines of "No I won't love you forever, I'll love you until you hurt me, and then I won't love you anymore, I'm a strong independent person." At the end I believe she quoted a number of pop songs. The other poem was quite literally a list of things about the poet, and things she had experienced. Everything from personal details of her life to funny memories she has (I remember an anecdote about throwing a sandwich at a driver who cut her off.)

I don't need to find it for any particular reason, it just irked me that I couldn't remember the name!

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