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I have an old Yamaha SE110 electric guitar with a damaged nut, and I purchased a cheap replacement at one time, but it was too tall, and I didn't feel like filing it. So, are there certain types of nuts besides locking and non-locking and different materials, such as sizes that are specific types of guitars?
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There are different materials for nuts. Most common are plastic. Sometimes you see bone, metal (brass I think), or graphite. There are also sizes as a wider neck needs a wider nut with wider string spacing than a narrower neck. You are more likely to find a nut that is too tall requiring filing. If you don't want to do the work yourself just take it to a guitar shop and have them fit the nut. The work shouldn't cost much. Tell them it's too tall.
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Also, plastic should be the cheapest. Around here I would expect to pay about $30 at most to have it fitted.
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Alright, so it is common to require filing. Gotcha.
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Part of my job is to make/alter/fit nuts. Almost all require some sort of shaping.
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