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Is there a list somewhere of French names for common embroidery stitches (split stitch, backstitch, stem stitch etc.)? Google is failing me...

I bought this lovely kit on holiday in Paris, but I can't work out what the stitches I need are on the instructions. Translating doesn't work as things like 'lazy daisy' won't translate properly - stitches have a lot of descriptive or folk names that they may not in French! Looking at the diagrams isn't helpful as I'm relatively new to plain embroidery. Is there anyone who knows of a list or is happy to provide some translations?
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I think this page will be helpful. Each of the links (e.g. "Autour du point de chaînette") goes to a page with example pictures.
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And in fact step by step instruction (e.g. Le point de bouclette en 3 ├ętapes.)
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I found this great English-French dictionary of embroidery stitches: Traduction des différents points de broderie. She's also got the French terms with photos ("images") and videos here.
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Termium and the GDT should have most of the names.
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