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Fender suggestions for a road bike

My current bike:

I'm looking for fenders that have as much coverage as possible. After I put the fenders on, I don't think I'll be taking them off very much. I do prefer ones with mudflaps if it's an option.

I've looked at a few road bike-specific fenders but can't really make up my mind. I was thinking about getting the CRUD RoadRacer 2 set but I'm ordering through QBP and they don't have them in stock. Also my wheels are 700x28 and I think I read somewhere that the CRUD fenders aren't designed for anything above 23.

I've read some pretty iffy reviews about PlanetBike SpeedEZs and some okay ones about the SKS Race Blades but there have been reports of them warping a lot.

Any suggestions?
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I had PlanetBike Hardcore fenders on my bike, and in terms of their water-shedding functionality, they were amazing. Just perfect.

I had a couple of issues with bolts coming loose, but some elbow grease and locktite cleared that right up.
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Another vote for the PlanetBike Hardcores. They work, period. Mine were a pain to install so that they didn't rub (Specialized Allez), but once I got them adjusted, commuting in the rain was a much more pleasant experience.
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FYI I run 25c tires for commuting.
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I've had Planet Bike Cascadia fenders on my Surly LHT for over a year now and they've made riding a pleasure (after some tightening and tweaking, mind you, but that was a long time ago). I think the mudflap is worth the price bump over the Hardcores.

(another plus is that you can get them in silver if that's your thing)
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Response by poster: Oops I forgot to add this important bit:

There isn't anywhere on my frame that allows for regular fenders to be mounted so these planetbike suggestions probably won't work. Plus there is very very little clearance between my tektro brakes and wheel so the only planetbike fenders that I currently know of that will fit are the SpeedEZ ones
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Correction: I have the Planet Bike Freddy Fenders.

My road bike has no place to mount fenders either, and I made it work. It attaches to the seat stays near the rear hubs. It'll work.
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The boyfriend sez: the three fenders you've mentioned are the three best selling ones. He doesn't particularly like the Planet Bike ones.

From the picture you've shown of the Legacy, both the front and the rear end have places for fenders to be mounted (those braze ons). This opens you up to a wide world of possibilities. He is confused by your statement that there are no places for mounting your fenders.

He thinks that the SKS's are the best for your money (longboard would work nicely, they're highly adjustable (and QBP has the silver ones in stock right now; also the commuter). He uses a pair of SKS detachable raceblades that strap on, but these won't give you full coverage. MK cruds are terrific on all counts, but as you said, you're dealing with a back order there.
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Do you have a bike shop or bike coop nearby? It will cost more, obviously, but they'd be able to do things like show you how mount fenders on your particular bike.
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I dunno it's like sometimes I just want to get stuff the cheapest way possible, but then sometimes I don't mind supporting the local bike shop where someone will give me specific guidance even if it means paying more.
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• SKS make great fenders, except that the installation instructions are crap.
• Don't get them from REI, because there will be missing pieces.
• You need to match your fenders to your wheel size.
• Your LBS can rivet in mudguards that give your feet and your rear derailleur cable even more protection from rain and dirt.
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I just helped one of my pals install a pair of SKS--they're pretty nice.

Aftermarket mudflaps are readily available from folks like Rivendell and Velo Orange, so I wouldn't get hung up on that part.

Of course, if money is no object, and you like wood, there's Woodys or Sykes (especially the MapleXO ones).
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