Why do you brace for a fall or slam on brakes?
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What is the technical term for the phenomenon of reflexively or instinctively thrusting your foot out to brace for a fall, slam a brake, etc. when fearful of impending injury?

My Google-fu is failing and I cannot find the correct term for this reflexion action, please help? I am trying to do some research on how companies can take this reflex into consideration when designing a product can not even get out of the gate.
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Note: I have heard it called the protective saving reaction, but that has not gotten me anywhere.
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Generally, this is called a reflex. Involuntary physical reactions to sudden movement or impending injury are examples of a startle reaction in humans. I'm not sure if there's a more specific term.
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Moro/startle reaction or anticipatory reflex, but I'm no pro.
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I have no expertise, but terms like "Protective extension" or "reflexive protective reaction" might be helpful in your search.
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Despite the fact that I now weigh as much as she does, my mom still throws her arm out in front of me if she's driving and has to stop quickly. It's adorable.
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I'm pretty sure that is the true definition of "kneejerk".
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I know in nursing school we tested newborns for the startle reflex (aka the Moro reflex). If a baby is startled by a loud noise or a sensation of falling, he/she exhibits a clear series of reflex responses as detailed in that Wikipedia article. It's clearly built-in to our brains.
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