I have an amazing ticket to a Braves game today...what should I do with it?
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I have an amazing ticket to a Braves game today...what should I do with it?

So my girlfriend and I broke up last night, leaving me with an extra ticket behind home plate to a Braves game today vs. the Phillies. I'm new to Atlanta, and don't know many people (or anyone who was available on short notice...the game's at 1). I can't sell the ticket, because I got it through work. I figure I could a. go alone, b. find someone while walking in to the stadium to just hand it to, or c. find somewhere on the internet to post its availability.

Any suggestions or ideas?
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Post it on your facebook to see if a friend wants to go?
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Like I said, I've asked all possible friends in the area already. Everyone's busy or has no interest in a baseball game.
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I'd probably throw it up on Craigslist, but then again, that has to do with how willing you are to have a stranger sit next to you at a baseball game.
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I mean, you're always going to have strangers around at baseball games. So ignore that part, I haven't had my coffee yet.
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First of all, I respect your priorities. This is my favorite "I just broke up with my girlfriend..." question ever.

Second: Post your freebie on a couple of the Braves fan-sites, like Talking Chop or the fan boards run by ESPN or CBS Sports.

Some of those threads are so active you'll probably have multiple people willing to go with you. They may not allow selling (not sure), but you if you offer it for free, you could get a new friend pretty easily, and (bonus!) they will love baseball.

(Free ticket means they pay for beer, by the way. It's one of those unwritten rules.)
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@rokusan: I'm a huge Phillies fan, and despite feeling awful about the breakup, I'm new to the area and these aren't seats I will have access to very often (especially against the Phillies). I think it would be worse if I just didn't go, so I'm trying to make the best of the situation. I'm still thinking it might be interesting to find someone outside the stadium looking for an extra ticket and just handing them this amazing seat.
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Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but did you tell your friends that you just broke up? Because I think a few friends might change their plans to hang out even if they didn't like baseball just to be a bud.
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Go alone. Use the other seat to hold your beers and hot dogs, because you just broke up with your girlfriend, and you should soothe that ache with beer and hot dogs and baseball.
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I used to get Bears tickets all the time. If i couldn't find someone to go with I'd just go to the stadium and unload 'em at face value, someone always wants tix. If you want to see the game, just find someone at the gates and they'll be someone, who doesn't want a free ticket?
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If it matters to you, a lot of people hanging out at stadiums looking for tickets are scalpers who will turn around and flip the ticket to somebody else at a profit. I vote going through a fan board, as suggested. You'll certainly get a taker and it's fun to sit next to somebody knowledgeable. Even if they will likely be a Braves fan. GO PHILS
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You could leave a comment on The 700 Level and see if there are an Atlanta-based phans around. Worst case, you have an empty seat where you can store your beer because really, who wants to sit next to a Braves fan?

Please touch Ruiz for me.
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Craigslist. With the Avett Bros concert after I'd be shocked if you can't find a taker on a fan board, Craigslist, or by hitting up nearby Mefites (I don't want to go but I'm sure I'm in the minority).
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Does your ex have a sister? Does she like baseball?
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Too late for today, but if you ever end up with an extra ticket to a Braves game, you shouldn't worry too much about sitting next to a Braves fan. Most people at Braves games don't have the same level of...intensity about the Braves that other folks do about their cities' teams.
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The followup: I found a girl on the dating site I met my now-ex on to go with! It was fun, she was nice, and the Phillies won! Thanks for all the suggestions.

Lastly, does anyone know where the Phillies fans go in Atlanta to watch Phillies games?
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You might ask here, a facebook group for Atlanta Phillies phans.
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