Inspire me to grand adventure
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Help me find engaging audio sources of accounts of people hiking the AT or PCT or something similar.

Someday I'd like to hike the Appalachian Trail or perhaps the Pacific Coast Trail, or perhaps something similar. I can't go now, but I'd like to listen to other people's accounts of their travels on my daily commute to work.

I tried reading Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods" but couldn't get through it -- it just didn't hold my attention.

I don't have much time (or maybe inclination) to read books now so I'm looking for audiobooks or podcasts that you've heard that really engaged you and perhaps even inspired you take the first step on that grand adventure.
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Audio CD of Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods, his hilarious account of hiking the Appalachian Trail.
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Oops, somehow I didn't see past the first three lines of your post. Sorry.
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If there's an audio version of "The Last American Man" you might like that... It's sort of short, and there's only a short bit on his AT adventure, but parts of the book are pretty inspirational, in my opinion..
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We listened to an abridged version of A Walk in the Woods that was excellent - maybe look for that and try again?

Check out this list from Skokie PL, too: Bill Bryson Read Alikes.
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If you (or any other MeFites) hike the PCT, memail me. :)
The small town I live near is on the trail's route, and we get hikers every year. :)
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Hmmm.... thanks for the feedback. In the meantime, I did a search in google on "podcast Appalachian trail" and got a number of hits. I'll be investigating those.
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