Looking for a discount for MLB.TV
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I want to buy MLB.tv Premium for my husband. Are there any discounts available? He seems to remember getting a discount through Sports Illustrated last year.
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If he has an iPad he can buy the MLB At Bat app, which offers a 1 month trial of MLB.tv
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Ugh...be warned I bought it last year and it was TERRIBLE, none of the features worked as described and the entirety of the forum usefulness was "Reboot your computer". Then they would scrub the forum of customer complaints. A total joke, unless they completely revamped it it was the worst money I ever spent.
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Echoing vito90; we've subscribed on and off for several years and it has always sucked. If you have any other alternative, do that instead. (If you insist on buying a subscription from mlb.com, make sure to use a one time use credit card number -- or you'll spend precious hours of your life arguing with them and your credit card company about unauthorized charges.)

That said, I like the SlickDeals forum for stuff like this.
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Response by poster: i know. It sucks. But he wants to watch his stories.
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Whoops! Wrong link. Here's the thread to follow for the current season.
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Response by poster: Thanks - it looks like they lowered the price to $100 for the holidays, but now that deal is gone.
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Yeah, unfortunately they tend to discount it before the season starts, around the All-Star break and near the end (pro-rated as well, obviously). Start of the season is when the price is highest.
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You get a code for free month when you buy MLB The Show 2011 for PS3 (Amazon emailed it to us).
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