Armen (Art) Furniture Quality/Comfort
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By chance do you or someone you know own an Armen (Art) Furniture sofa, and if so, how does it rate it in terms of quality and comfort? Are you satisfied with it? I'm particularly interested in the Armen 725 Centennial.

I'm in need of a new sofa and have narrowed my choice down to two I found online. One is at Macy's, and I've actually gone to the store and examined it in person. I don't like it as much as the picture, but I still like it. The only issue I have is that I don't like the color choices. I can make one of them work, but I'm not very turned on by them. MEANWHILE, the other one is an unknown quantity to me. The manufacturer is Armen, which I think is pretty reputable. I've done a lot of investigating and am pretty convinced that the particular sofa that interests me is of good quality: good assembly, sturdy, and a mix of top and mid-to low quality materials in order to hit the sweet-spot of quality vs. cost. In other words, it ain't top of the line, but it's not pure junk either, which is on par with my sense of the Macy's sofa. I've even gone so far as to call a few retailers and ask about their return rate (people who buy and return it). Assuming these venues have been honest, it seems like the vast majority of folks who purchase this sofa are happy with it. BUT, I can't find any online reviews from actual purchasers. I realize that reviews are only annecdotal and subjective, but given that I can't fly out to the showroom in Las Vegas, I'd feel more comfortable if I could get a general idea of how people feel about it. By contrast, the Macy's sofa gets a ton of positive reviews on both Macy's site and on external sites. I know it's a big purchase and big gamble, so please no lectures on why buying something like this online is a bad idea. I've been to every used and new furniture store in town, and I haven't liked anything nearly as much as these two pieces.
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