Ice Fishing in the Frozen North
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So, I'm a Canadian eh. Icefishing season is still going strong for another week and a half or so, and I'd like to wrangle a few jackfish out of the local lake. Does anyone have any advice on doing this? I live on the lake, which is awfully convenient, and I've caught jackfish there before, so I know that they're down there. Now what's the easiest way to get them above the ice?
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Wikipedia leads me to believe that up there they call Northern Pike "Jackfish", is this right?

If so, the easiest was is with a couple of tip-ups and live bait, generally suckers or whatever forage fish your lake has. I have no idea about the laws up there, but I assume you can use tip-ups.
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Response by poster: Thanks! You're right, I didn't know that was a regional thing.

Northern Pike, Slough Sharks, JackFish, Gator Heads, whatever, they're the big toothy things that eat all the other fish.

More clarifications:
Live Bait is not legal. Tip ups are a-okay!
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I've used tip-ups with cutbait as well. Cut shad and salted tulibee can be magic on some lakes in Minnesota.
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check this forum
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Frozen minnows work well too...
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Response by poster: In case anyone is interested, I found this. Seems to be a lot of discussion about catching the things there.

Thanks to those that answered.
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