Help me get a handle on these lunchboxes.
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EtsyFilter: What's the most cost-efficient way to get the handles/latches for classic-style lunchboxes like these in less-than-bulk quantity?

I want to turn some metal boxes into lunch boxes (yep, to sell), but am having trouble figuring out my best option where the handles and latches are concerned.

I can find websites that sell them by the hundreds, but I'll never need that many (I acquire the boxes one or two at a time, maybe every few months or so). I'm not terribly picky about the exact style/color of the hardware, or whether every finished lunchbox has the same handle/latch. I'm also not opposed to getting lunchboxes off the (retail or thrift store) shelf and tearing the hardware off of them, provided it can be done fairly easily and the hardware appears new. The hardware does not need to be particularly high-quality--enough to hold the box closed with reasonably gentle handling (these would be more "collector's item" lunch boxes, not something to give to kids to toss around on the school bus).

Given my desire to sell these lunchboxes, my other concern, of course, is cost. The best option here would be suitable hardware at the lowest cost (the time and labor involved is not an issue for me).

What's my best bet?
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McMaster has 7 pages of latches which can be ordered in single quantities.
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That is one badass website. Thanks!

Help a brother navigate the sea of handles I found there?
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