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Need vacation ideas for a group of 22!

Hi All,

It is my parent's 40th anniversary and the whole family wants to get away together to celebrate . We are all based in the Los Angeles area. The trip will be in the middle of August, 2011. A beach vacation with either a rental home/condo(s) is the ideal trip. Our budget for lodging and travel is $7,000. We are open to a local getaway that is within driving distance (within 5 hours drive), or flying somewhere if need be.

Any suggestions on how we can make this happen?

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Best answer: $7,000 for 22 people including accommodations and travel from LA during high season? That sounds like alot of money, but actually that's only $300 a person. A budget like that basically rules out anything that would involve a flight.

And I doubt ONE rental house or condo would fit 22 people. Nor would anyone want to rent to you if they knew you were going to cram that many people into a private house or condo - unless you rented a mansion. You would need at least a 7 or 8 bedroom villa.

You could maybe rent a suite at a hotel for 1 or 2 nights somewhere and have a huge party in it for a night.
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you may be ablet find a rental big enough on VRBO (i have not used them, but friends have), or a similar website.

i quickly looked at them just now for santa cruz (not sure if kids are in the picture for this celebration, but the boardwalk would be fun for them. adults and kids could enjoy the various japense tea house/hot tub places, the ocean is right there, fruit picking, some good restaurants, etc. are all available there). i only found places for up to 21 folks - but the prices are not too bad. california is so beautiful - you may be able to pick a driveable city/town near the ocean, and get a big house, cook your own meals to save money, etc.
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If you are googling around for this, you might try using the term "Family Reunion". Sites that cater to reunions would be more likely to accommodate a group of 22.
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Here's a big place in Ojai for $4200 for a 3 day weekend.
Morro Bay - sleeps 20-25, for $3500/week.
Carmel Valley, sleeps 18-22.
Holman Ranch
Oxnard, sleeps 19.
San Luis Obispo, sleeps 20.
A bunch in Paso Robles that sleep 15-25.

It's not immediately obvious but you can search VRBO and have them order the results by the number the property can sleep (i.e. bodies in a bed of some kind).

Here are the Vacation Rentals in California that sleep 22+. Adjust the number if you have kids in cribs or other sleeping arrangements.
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You might consider renting a few homes or condos in the same development, we did that for my in-laws party. It gave a little more space for families. We did breakfast in one unit, lunch in another. Scheduled wine tasting at a winery......A rotating party of sorts.
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Point Loma (San Diego) beachfront house that sleeps 30+. $1600-$2770 per night.

A bunch of houses in California that are kid-friendly, near a beach, and sleep 13+ (read descriptions for more info on bedrooms and sleeping capacities.
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And jennstra is totally right - lots of these places have houses for about 8-10 people. You could get three houses and have a bit more room, sometimes for about the same price as one of these giant wedding venues. The trick will be ensuring they are all available at the same time, and that they are reasonably close together.

You could also try something like Costanoa - not sure how far $7k will get you there, but it's worth asking!
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Response by poster: These are good suggestions. Just toclarify: the budget of $7,000 is for for travel and lodging only. We have a separate budget for activities and food.
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Response by poster: @CathyG - Nice catch.
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