Looking for books with daily essays or tasks for the entire year.
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Help me find a book I saw years ago which had a different healthy habit for every week of the year. Also, I am interested in more books with daily/weekly essays/thoughts/meditations/tasks, so can you recommend me any?

Years ago, I saw a book in the store which interested me but I did not buy it. I have never been able to find this book again. It was called something like 'Change One Thing' (I am pretty sure the word 'change' was in the title somewhere, or else the word 'one' was) and it was written by two moms. I think the cover was blue. The concept was that there was a different chapter for every week of the year, and each chapter focused on one new healthy habit you were supposed to focus on that week. The next week, you would maintain that habit and add the new one. Can anyone point me in the direction of what this book might have been?

Also, I have found that I really enjoy this style of book. I have one called 'Simple Abundance' and one called 'The Awe-Manack' as well as a Jewish-themed one. I like the idea of not having something bite-sized and manageable to focus on in one sitting, and this is an easy way to add some personal growth/contemplation to my daily routine without feeling overwhelmed and needing a ton of time. I would be very interested in reading more books like this where there is some sort of daily or weekly essay/task/whatever. Can you recommend any?
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You might find The FlyLady system/books to be helpful. It has daily/weekly tasks that build on each other.

This Book Will Change your Life has instructions for every day of the year but is a bit tongue-in-cheek.
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You might like A Year of Living Your Yoga: Daily Practices to Shape Your Life. For every day there is a very short "theme" to mull over and you are given a simple assignment to do. The content for each individual day is short, but there's a lot in this book if you stick with it consistently.
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Frédéric Fekkai - A Year of Style is written in the format you are looking for, but focuses on achieving "effortless elegance throughout the seasons" and less about personal growth and contemplation, which you requested.

I have it and enjoy the snippets with a more whimsical tone. The review I linked to gives the example of sending vintage postcards, buy brightly colored toothbrushes, etc. Simple enough.

I realize this is not the genre of book you were looking for, but it is written in a similar month-by-month format to the one you enjoyed previously. I've had this book for a few years and have found that I can pick it up and put it down as I choose. Interestingly, because of its glossy pages, nice fonts and pretty pictures, it has helped me curb my magazine addiction.
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Not precisely what you are looking for (a website as opposed to a book), but Word of Wisdom Living also uses the 'change one thing a week' idea and does it in a fairly calm and engaging way.
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Somewhat. Related.
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8 Weeks to Optimum Health by Dr Andrew Weil is only for 8 weeks, but it's really worth having a go at.

The Intellectual Devotional was a fun way to broaden my general knowledge, with a short reading every day.
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365 Thank Yous / John Kralik
The Book of Awakening / Mark Nepo

I only know of these - I have not read them.
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